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Hints and Tips
If you play Team Trivia fairly regularly, perhaps more than once a week, you might notice that sometimes a particular subject turns up in questions all week long.  Ever wish there was a way you knew ahead of time what subject you might want to brush up on?  WELL NOW THERE IS...

You can visit Team Trivia's Facebook page, become our friend, give us a Like, and there will be a weekly hint for you.  Every week a different hint for a different "theme".  Every Sunday night/Monday morning we will post the next week's hint, so you'll know what to brush up on.  The hint will not reveal what the question is exactly, nor will it reveal the answer, but we're giving you a head's up about a subject which will turn up during the game(*).  Who knows - some weeks, the hint might involve a clue or answer in the Halftime question...or we might clue you in on what the Final category will be.

This does not affect what we do with our "free" answer each night.  You can still visit the TeamTrivia.com home page to find that.  However, if you want to find out what the "weekly theme" is, you'll have to visit our Facebook page.  

*(applies to "General Trivia" shows.  Some "specialty" shows, such as Sports Trivia, Music Trivia, Adult Trivia, etc., may not have one.  We'll do our best, but sometimes the subject simply doesn't fit the show.)

Want a free answer for the night you play?  If you've had the foresight to visit our home page earlier that day, you should have seen it.  For one free answer each night, click on "Tonight's Answer" on our home page.  It'll be a "gimme" for you, while everyone else has to wrack their brains. 
general tips for you -- The more well-rounded your team is, the better chance you have of winning.  If you don't really know sports or music or world geography or movies, perhaps you could invite one of your friends who IS knowledgeable in those areas to play with you.  Our questions span all age ranges and all sorts of categories.  Put together a strong "team" and your chances are pretty good.

There's only so many questions we can ask in each game.  The more you play, the more variety you'll hear, and the more you're apt to know an answer no one else does!

Wait until your team has turned in an answer before you look at that incoming text or Tweet on your phone!  When you're using your phone at your table, even if it's just to look up a phone number or a funny video - especially before you've turned an answer in - it looks like you're cheating to everyone else.  We try to make it as fun as possible, but there are rules.

If you and your teammates can't come to a consensus on an answer, many times you're initial guess is the correct one.  Not every time, of course, but often.

If you're a league team, don't forget to give the host your league number.  Without it, the host may not realize you're a league team and your score may not get posted on our TeamTrivia.com scoreboard.
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